Puerto Gets Blasted by a Perfect South Swell

The swell was probably solid 15+ foot solid a frames and some long carmelita’s rights. The winds were as good as it get with stiff offshore where you can hear the trumpets from the army base. Such a sick sound! The weather was perfect, no haze and a bright cool sun that took all the haze away, making it really easy for us photographers shooting from land and really hard for all the chargers out there. There were lefts, rights, wedges, all you can think of a perfect beach break. I haven’t seen a swell like that in years. Im glad no one got hurt and every one is safe drink a cold corona during sunset. 

 I was a lil surprised when i didn’t see any of the big wave riders here. Oscar Moncada was injured unfortunately and that left Coco Nogales and a few other guys a sort of empty lineup, plenty of space in the water and tons of waves!

Captain lifeguard Godo Vasquez had to rescue him and a whole lot of people during that day. He was basically the man saving life’s during the biggest day. If it wasn’t for him, I’m sure someone would have drowned. Heavy!

Diego Silva from Brazil was one of the international chargers as well as the argentinian Nahuel Amalfitano. An of course Koa Smith got one of the sickest / longest barrels of the swell. And lets not forget about all the bodyboarding crew that was charging. Clive, Motor, the Argentines, etc… epic show : )

Its looking like another monster swell for the end of the month. Stay tuned for more of the Puerto Summer Swells.

Edwin Morales


A Different Look

Today was a fun day…

Today was a fun day to try something  different. All conditions were set to get a lil more creative and look for new angles to shoot Playa Zicatela. I was stoked with the results, because i personally didnt think i’d like any of the shots. When i came home i was a lil surprised and happy how it turned out.

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Edwin Morales


South West Swell: The Recap

Nogales, Moncada, Ramirez, Monreal, Lamb, Long, Sterling, Dunfee and many more charging in Puerto!

On june 6th a massive south west swell hit Playa Zicatela with 10-15 foot bombs detonating far bar. The local boys were frothing while a crew of big wave riders from California made the trip to test themselves. Unfortunately, this particular swell was very hard to predict what it was gonna do. We had a lack of offshore winds during the 2 biggest morning but, that didn’t stop the boys from charging.

Here’s some images from the last few days.


Edwin Morales

Gavin Beschen – Tube Time

Gaving was one of the standouts during the last swell and pretty much every time he visit us in Puerto. Here’s a sequence from last friday…

Edwin Morales

The Swell that never showed up…

There was a lot of anticipation after seeing how monstrous  the swell was in Tahiti. Lost of people were unable to make it all the way to Chopes, so they decided to score in Mainland Mexico. Big name surfers like the Longs, Dunfee, The Gudauskas, Skindog, Mendia, Rosza, Lamb, Sterling, the locals Oscar Moncada, Coco Nogales, Jose Ramirez and many more gathered at Playa Zicatela waiting for the show. Unfortunately, mother nature had a different plan. Inconsistent 6-10 foot waves was the max size of the swell. That was the perfect size for all the boys to have lots of fun and enjoy some cold coronas.

Here’s some of the best shots from the best days of the swell.

Edwin Morales

10 Photos: Monster Swell April ’13

10 Photos

Its been a while since we saw a monster swell during April. I think non of us expected such big waves but, it turned out to be the biggest swell of the year so far. Locals like Coco Nogales, Jose Ramirez, Roger Ramirez Jr., Marcial Monreal were taking on some 25-20 foot bombs and the 2 hawaiians that made the trip, Reef Macintosh and Danny Fuller, were charging as well.

Here’s 10 shots of the swell. Enjoy!

Edwin Morales

2013 South Swell Season Begins

3/2/13 Coco Nogales – Ola del Dia

The season has finally started after a long winter. All the boys are frothing for more swell and it looks like non stop storms for the whole month of March.Here’s a sequence of Coco Nogales during the last swell. The best wave of the day.

– Edwin Morales

Hawaii Day 8 – Watershots @ Gums

First Timer!!

I finally got in the water for the first time to shoot some water shots. It was nice and easy at gums which is a lot like home with sand bottom. Oscar Moncada, Alex Gray, Michel Bourez and some locals were taking the best waves and i was sharing the lineup with great photogs Flindt, Glasser and Mosqueira

I had a hard time trying to figure out the best spot to be in the barrel.  I know now that shooting at pipe its way harder than i thought. The reef at backdoor is so damn shallow that i wish i hadn’t seen it snorkeling yesterday when it was small… there’s caves, holes, pinnacles, cracks  in the reef and that makes it look sooooo scary.

Here’s some images from this mornings water sesh.

Edwin Morales –

Hawaii Day 7 – John John

Best move at Haleiwa – John Florence.

Here the image of the best move we have seen during the Vans Triple Crown, courtesy of John John Florence who will be signing a massive contract soon… stay tuned to find out how much he will be making with Hurley in the next 10 years!

Edwin Morales – moralesedwin.c

Surf Hawaii 2012

Hawaii – Day 6

Air Show – Medina, Yeomans, Andino and many more!

This morning was pretty small at the north shore, but that doesnt mean the surf is down… actually everyone out there this morning was rippin’ as hard as they could. Here’s some images from today’s action… swell picking up in the next couple of days… hopefully we see the Pipe we all love!

Edwin Morales –

Gabriel Medina = Backflip


This is the easiest post in the world…

Gabriel Medina’s North Shore performance has been unbelievable. Here’s one more of the backflips’ he has been landing.

Swell on the way…

Edwin Morales –

Hawaii 2012 – Days 1-4

Hawaii For The First Time

Im finally in The North Sore of Oahu after so many years of dreams. I have been overwhelmed by all the good vibes in Hawaii and the great people i have met already. Its what we all have dreamed about, but a million times better. Oscar Moncada and I were lucky enough to show up to Oahu right for Thanksgiving Dinner. There was so much food that i  cant even explain. All i can say is that everything was so good, that i would comeback here next year just to enjoy the same fiesta!

The waves have been small but it looks like the next few days we will be seeing some serious action @ Pipeline, the world’s most  famous surf spot. For now i will leave all these images for your review. Gabriel Medina’s insane off-axis backflip, The Hawaiian Dance Show and our documented trip with Oscar Moncada @ The North Shore of Oahu and more…

See you soon!

Edwin Morales –

Puerto Escondido Open 2012 – Dia 2

Los Veteranos Avanzan!!

Con olas de 6 a 8 pies de altura se realizó el segundo dia de competencia en donde los veteranos y muy reconocidos surfers locales, Roberto Salinas y Raul Noyola avanzaron a la ronda de cuartos de final en donde tambien se encuentra ya la revelacion del torneo, Jafet Ramos de tan solo 14 años de edad. El representante de Australia, Dan Sargent, esta ya tambien en los cuartos de final que se llevaran acabo el dia de mañana, asi como también, las semifinales y finales de la division de surf y bodyboard.

En la categoria bodyboard, los locales Hector Santiago, Chuy Silva, Jose Rutherford y Edwin Morales estan ya colocados en las semifinales y donde se disputaran el pase a la gran final.

Aqui los dejo con un par de fotos del segundo dia y recuerden checar mañana para ver a los ganadores ademas del concurso mas esperado por los chicos… el MISS BIKINI!!

Edwin Morales –

Puerto Escondido Open 2012 – Dia 1

Oscar Moncada = 10 Perfecto!!

El primer dia de competencia del Puerto Escondido Open 2012 arranco con condiciones perfectas. Olas de mas de 4 metros de altura con mucho poder fueron el escenario de los primeros 10 heats del día 1. Muchas tablas rotas, caídas fuertes y ademas la mejor ola calificada hasta el momento por los jueces… un 10 Perfecto cortesía de Oscar Moncada que estaba perdiendo el heat pero en los últimos minutos logro encontrar la gema perfecta en Playa Zicatela.

Tambien tuvimos la actuacion de competidores de distintos paises como España, Portugal, Francia, Estados Unidos, Italia y Australia, aemas de los Mexicanos. Los veteranos locales Roberto Salinas, Raul Noyola y Coco Nogales  tambien avanzaron a la siguiente ronda poniendo a Puerto Escondido entre los mejores del dia 1.

Esten atentos por el segundo dia de competencia. Los dejo con las mejores fotos del dia de hoy.

Edwin Morales –

IBA Zicatela Pro Round 2,3,4 and 5!

Second Gallery of All Rounds!

Finals Tomorrow!!

All photos Edwin Morales –

IBA Zicatela Pro 2012 Gallery

Photo Gallery of the Zicatela Pro 2012 and the free surf sessions!


Edwin Morales –

Turbo Zicatela Pro 2012

IBA GSS Back in Puerto Escondido and its right around the corner!!

The next event on the GSS series for 2012 is the Turbo Zicatela Pro in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

The event dates are September 27th till October 6th and if recent form is any indication, then the riders and spectators are in for a real show as the last few weeks have produced some quality days of surf and by all reports the sandbanks are shaping up well for the contest.

The race for the 2012 IBA World Championship couldn’t be tighter with Dave Winchester (Aus) holding off frontrunners Pierre Louis Costes (France), Guilherme Tamega (Brazil) and Mitch Rawlins (Aus)

Watch all the action live from September 27th at

Here’s the draw for the first round where local madness Hector “Motor” Santiago will be taking the only wild card granted to a Mexican competitor…

Edwin Morales

John John, Greg, Reef, Fuller, Timmy, Chapman, Rowley, Walsh, Coco – Showtime!

Waves of the Summer Ends –    Last swell of the season?

One final entry came right on the last day of the waiting period for the Wave of the Summer event in Puerto Escondido. It was John John Florence who nailed a perfect right hander which gave him the last entry of the waiting period. All top ten rides have been announced and this saturday we will know who the winner is.

But it wasnt just about the last day of the event. Waves actually got better during the first days of September and the hawaiian crew made the trip along with some californian big wave chargers.

Here’s a photo recap of what went down during the swell. Will it be the last one? Stay tuned as the underworld still keeps active.

Click here to see all the top ten rides of Wave of the Summer

Edwin Morales –

Adrenaline: Wingsuit Flying with Alexander Polli

Same Adrenaline as Surfing Big Waves?

I just ran into this GoPro clip filmed by alexander Polli in New Zealand and i got so thrilled that i felt like i had to share this video with all of you. Im sure lots you adrenaline junkies have already seen this but, for those who havent, here it is!

Please sit down, relax and enjoy the ride!

Edwin Morales

The Monsters: Kohl, Greg, Gabriel, Will, Coco, Oscar, Alvaro…

One for the History Books

On August 16th 2012, Puerto Escondido saw a Mutant (15-20 foot) swell and a crew of crazy committed big wave riders. Greg Long, Kohl Christensen, Gabriel Villaran, Coco nogales, Oscar Moncada, Alvaro Malpartida, Will Dillon, Spencer Pirdy, Jensen Hasset and many more grab the biggest buts the could find and surfed one of the most amazing swell we have ever seen in Puerto Escondido. this one for sure will go straight to the top 5 session in Puerto Escondido’s Surf History Books.

Monster Ride: Kohl Christensen took off on maybe one of the biggest, wildest, craziest waves ever ridden in Puerto. It was a solid 15-18 foot bomb that had crazy bumps due to the strong south east winds. Had he made the whole ride, it would have been a strong contender to take the wave of the summer event. Unfortunately, after negotiating 2 major bumps, Kohl got lunched into the air by a weird third wind chop. He was unable to penetrate and almost did a scorpion on the face of the wave and then got pounded by a violent massive Puerto lip. On top of that, he got smashed by the next 3 monster waves that were coming behind.

Greg Long: One of the biggest lefts came straight to Greg Longs’ position and as we all know he was not gonna pull back. He wishes he was a lil bit deeper but, its actually very had to have the perfect position when we talk about an 18 foot wave.

Biggest Barrel: Oscar Moncada waited all day for the conditions to improve but, when the southeast winds kicked in, he realized is was time to grab the rope and get towed into the biggest bombs of the day. Most of the biggest waves were unridden until that point. He actually got towed into 3 waves where he found a 10 foot barrel on the first one, a massive drop to bottom turn on the second and the Biggest barrel ridden on the third attempt. That was good enough to call it a day.

Cleanest Tube: Gabriel Villaran was the one who looked unstoppable. He was always lucky to be in the spot for most of the sent and took a lot of good rides but, the best one came to him late on the day giving him a pretty good entry for the wave of the summer event.

Check out the images to realize how crazy that session was!

Edwin Morales

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