Puerto Gets Blasted by a Perfect South Swell

The swell was probably solid 15+ foot solid a frames and some long carmelita’s rights. The winds were as good as it get with stiff offshore where you can hear the trumpets from the army base. Such a sick sound! The weather was perfect, no haze and a bright cool sun that took all the haze away, making it really easy for us photographers shooting from land and really hard for all the chargers out there. There were lefts, rights, wedges, all you can think of a perfect beach break. I haven’t seen a swell like that in years. Im glad no one got hurt and every one is safe drink a cold corona during sunset. 

 I was a lil surprised when i didn’t see any of the big wave riders here. Oscar Moncada was injured unfortunately and that left Coco Nogales and a few other guys a sort of empty lineup, plenty of space in the water and tons of waves!

Captain lifeguard Godo Vasquez had to rescue him and a whole lot of people during that day. He was basically the man saving life’s during the biggest day. If it wasn’t for him, I’m sure someone would have drowned. Heavy!

Diego Silva from Brazil was one of the international chargers as well as the argentinian Nahuel Amalfitano. An of course Koa Smith got one of the sickest / longest barrels of the swell. And lets not forget about all the bodyboarding crew that was charging. Clive, Motor, the Argentines, etc… epic show : )

Its looking like another monster swell for the end of the month. Stay tuned for more of the Puerto Summer Swells.

Edwin Morales


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